This is the warts-n-all truth of my workout program. It’s here to keep me honest. I hope you find something useful in it. NOTE: I may not do everything right, and you may not agree with what I do at all. Neither here nor there to me…but if you REALLY know what you’re doing, and I’m REALLY off base on something, please feel free to comment. I’m always looking to improve.


Use the Training Log drop down menu above to navigate through the material.That looks like this when it’s fully exposed:

Technology is really nifty, huh?

I’ll do my best to keep things organized for easy reference. The Plyos page will be updated throughout the year with video tutorials of me doing the exercises poorly, so I can help you build poor form, wrong muscle memory, and then turn around and crush you when we meet at our next race. So it goes…

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