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World Class Kid

Our hero, The World Class Kid, Brianna Bocox, 3rd from left. Way to go kid. You wear those colors well!

20130831-174217.jpg Bri took a nasty fall in her first World marathon, requiring a trip to the hospital and observation for a concussion, thereby in a single event giving more to the road than I’ve given over my entire “career”, if you can call it that. True to the form of the Champion she is, reports from Facebook said she was more upset about not finishing than her injuries. In my book, that’s what true Champions do.

Having watched her transform from The Fast Kid to The World Class Kid, it’s been a privilege to be on the fringe of her inner-circle, to have been there to see some of her struggle to get where she is. Just in this last year, she’s gone from all but giving it up to making the World Team! When this kid gets an idea about her skating, she puts it to work like nobody’s business. Keep her on your radar and expect great things! She’ll go as far as she wants, and nothing will stop her. She’s driven. She’s The World Class Kid.


Follow your dreams…

Follow your dreams...

Stole this from McKenzie Brown on Facebook:

“Everyone has to start somewhere. Follow your dreams, you don’t know where they can take you — with Darian Oneil, Janelle Cole, Melissa Perry, Kelsey Helman and Franchesca Bell.”

Godspeed Ladies of Team USA!

Watch Worlds August 22 – 31 live, here.



Go Team USA, go! Especially the World Class Kid!

Watch Worlds August 22 – 31 live, here.