Monthly Archives: May 2012

Nat fever

It’s said that those who can’t skate go into coaching. So then what of those that can’t coach? They end up in the online forums, live chats (writing blogs) and in the stands at practices and events.

“Take this back four feet and spin on it!”

These are the geniuses that, having earned their advanced degrees in the art of speed skating off the back of someone else’s experience, feel free to tell the world and everyone they know how much they know about our sport. You know them, they’re the ones offering up advanced technical advice at the top of their lungs…stuff like “SKATEEEEEE!!!!!!” “PASS!!!!” “YOU SUCKKKK!!!!” “FASTER!!!!!” “GOOOOO!!!!!!” all stuff we on the floor need to hear because, you know, we forget this stuff. Where would we be without them?