The Light Set

Calling this the light set is like calling espresso dark coffee…there’s more to it than that. Even though the workload is “light”, it’s still a strenuous routine when done right. Like all plyos, start from good base position, focus on getting deep, extending fully through the range of motion, and exploding or bursting through the jumps with full energy.

In the off-season (Oct-Dec.) do them slowly, and with lower reps (5 in Oct. / 7 in Nov. / 10 in Dec.) then pick up the speed in January and increase reps to 12 for Jan, 15 for Feb.

The Light Set

∞∞ Dry skate (2 min.)

∞∞ Squat jump knees-to-chest (12 reps)

∞∞ Static kicks forward (12 reps)

∞∞ Dry skate jump to the side (12 reps)

∞∞ Static circles (12 reps)

∞∞ Squat jumps with a static bounce (12 reps)

∞∞ Static side extensions (12 reps)

∞∞ Dry skate jump/up & overs (12 reps)

∞∞ Skate squats +70lbs (20 reps)

∞∞ Static cross behind (12 reps)

∞∞ Jump cross behind (12 reps)

∞∞ Forward lunges +70lbs (12 reps)

∞∞ In & out squat jumps with a static bounce (12 reps)

∞∞ Dynamic side lunges (12 reps)

More impact

Warm up: Before you do these, if you can, skate 100 laps at a steady pace, ramp it up to 80% max for the last 20 laps-11laps, 85% max for the last  10-6 laps and fullout 100% sprint for the last 5 laps.

Post-plyo: Lap the pack, 2x through the line, then a set of right leg / left leg push drills.

Add Ons

Feel free to supplement with any of these additional exercises:

∞∞ Skate calf raises (12 reps)

∞∞ Skate jax (12 reps)

∞∞ 50m Baby Steps

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