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That Lovin’ Feelin’

The World’s Fastest Powerlifter, Lamar Lovelace, gets a skate upgrade…

This video caught a magic moment for all skaters, didn’t it? It’s that moment we’ve all shared. We ALL know how Lamar feels. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been inline skating, how many pairs of skates you’ve owned, whether you’ve bought them, inherited them, been given an old pair or put the smack-down on a trash talking Junior and taken them, does it? There’s nothing like that new skate feeling to bring out the kid in all of us, no matter how old you are. Hell, my wife knows that when odd shaped rug burns pop up in places the sun don’t shine, it usually means there’s a spit-shined pair of new skates in my bag, ready to wear and tear up a track near you!


First scuff 9/30/10 – small circles drill, Rink Rabbits practice.

Motherfather, cheeseandrice (say it fast)

Not a happy discovery.