The bane of my existance.
The bane of my existance.

I like to skate inline marathons. They’re fun. They’re challenging. They’re thrilling and exciting and can even be dangerous. And they can also be stolen from you – by one of these. This is the timing chip. This is why I come in second. This blog is dedicated to a frank discussion of what it means to give your best to your sport, and what it really means to win. Even if you place second – consistently.

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  1. Hey there. My family and I just moved to back to Valencia after being in Iowa for several years. While there, we we took up speed skating with Mark Muse and Team United. We’re now looking for something around here and came across your blog. Looks like you also did some skating with TU at some point. Anyway, wondering if you skate with any teams or just hit the trails alone? We’ve mostly done indoors but are hoping to spend some more time outdoors and would love some hints on where to go.

    • The trails in Valencia are awesome! There are over 30 miles! Look on my blog for posts in January/Feb 2012. Trailhead are everywhere, particularly off McBean by Pavillions and Bouquet Canyon Road by Home Depot.

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