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Rolling to rebuild

I was lucky to catch a Facebook link-share from USARS about Chris Loman, a skater from Minnesota who’s in the process of completing a 4,200 cross-country skate for Haitian relief. Chris is raising money for Haitian kids, by focusing his efforts on fundraising to rebuild schools that were decimated in the earthquake that leveled most of Port-au-Prince.

According to a story published at Seacoastonline.com, for the endeavor Chris needed approximately $7,000 in equipment and supplies to pull this off. My friends at Rollerblade USA, as well as Chris’ friends and family donated most of the funds.

I wasn’t surprised to read that Rollerblade USA was a major contributor. They’ve always been very generous toward efforts I’ve done to raise money through long-distance skating. In 2008 they were a sponsor of the Rollin’ for Carter 100 Mile Endurance Skate that raised $5,000 in cash for my friend John, who is still battling a rare form of Leukemia. In 2009, Stephen Charrier, co-president of Rollerblade USA personally made arrangements for donations and sponsorship of the Rollin’ for Nathan 100 Mile Team Skate. That effort went toward raising money for a little boy born with P.K.U., a rare metabolic genetic disorder. If there’s one thing for certain in this sport, it’s this…you can always count on Rollerblade USA to support the sport. Whether it’s through skate donations or larger corporate sponsorships, Rollerblade is with us on-the-street, doing its part to support a good cause. They truly give back to this sport.

Chris & his father Keith, photographed by Rich Beauchesne/rbeauchesne@seacoastonline.com.

Chris’ goal is to raise $100,000 for Outreach International. Here’s a bit more information about the effort from the story at Seacoastonline.com,

Outreach International, a humanitarian organization and provider of schools in Haiti, supports a network of 90 schools serving more than 9,000 children. At least 20 schools in the Port-au-Prince area were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. Over the next three years, Outreach International and partnering organizations will build green and more disaster-resistant schools. The three-year commitment is reported to cost more than $7 million, a stretch for the $3 million organization.”

FWIW…I know of the work Outreach International does through my day job. They’re a fine outfit, internationally recognized as an organization that makes a real difference in the lives of those they help.

Chris has a blog too…you can read it here. It’s also linked in under Inline Online links, on the right rail. According to his last update, he’s on day 63. He’s a little past the half-way point. His route is interesting, in that he started in St. Paul, Minnesota heading south. From St. Louis, Missouri he headed northeast over “Down East” to Maine, then he’ll head south again to wrap it up in Key West, Florida. Last night he was in Connecticut. I cannot imagine road skating in Connecticut. I imagine the Merritt Parkway would be nice later in September, but I wouldn’t want to be blading it!

Now that's what I call a workout!

When he gets to Key West, he should go have a drink at Sloppy Joe’s. I wonder if he’ll stop at the 90 Miles to Cuba landmark at the Naval Base down there. I’d run right out on that sand and right into the water…

I wish him well on his journey. Please support his effort if you’re so inclined. You can donate by clicking the Donate Now button below or by visiting: http://www.firstgiving.com/rollingtorebuild.

It’s a very worthwhile effort and it really open your imagination – what can one person, 8 wheels and a dream accomplish? Anything they want to…

Training Log: I’ve been skating a lot getting ready for the Northshore Inline Marathon. I’m done with the torture routine of wearing smaller wheels with axle grease-loaded bearings and ankle weights. I’m back on my race rig for the next week of high-intensity skating leading up to the big taper. I can’t believe it’s almost here again. Seems like only yesterday the photo in the header of this blog was taken. I can’t wait!

Horseypants has been pounding out the miles as she trains for her first-ever 1/2 marathon. Today she cranked out 10.5 miles in less than an hour and had plenty left in the tank when we were done. Her form has improved dramatically since watching Mr. Mantia explain how we do this thing we do when he was here last week. She’s hooked, as I predicted in a blog post I started about a month ago as she started her training. I’ve yet to publish that post, but I will. (The publishing promises are starting to add up, I’d better zip-it!)