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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the deranged Easter Bunny!

Pink nightmare of the pace line.

3/28/10 Training: Indoor practice with the Rink Rabbits. Worked on foundational drills.

3/29/10 Training: 12 miles on the trail at lunch. Weather was very cooperative, trail was freshly cleared of debris. Schweetttt!

3/30/10 Training: 12 miles on the trail at lunch. Had to show a lance-wanna-be who’s the boss. !@#$%#^ seemed like he was trying to force me off the trail. Let him in the dust.

3/31/10 Training: Another 12 miles at lunch. Lot’s of traffic on the trail with Spring Break in effect. Not the fastest skate but a good run nonetheless.

4/1/10 Training: Didn’t make it out before the storms came. Did 6.7 miles on the elliptical on level 9 and some new plyo’s I took off YouTube. Brutal!

4/2/10 Training: 16.5 miles in the hood. The wind was coming at me from what seemed like every direction. This was the toughest skate of the year by far. Happy with my time and ability to push through the wind. Hope Duluth isn’t like this in September!

4/3/10 Training: 15 miles in the hood. No wind but man was it cold. Colorado in the winter-to-summer transition! (There is no Spring here.)