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The Eleventh Day of Inline Christmas

The dream continues…

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, rather than sleep I’d visions of skating instead. And Mamma in her ‘kercheif and nothing else more, I rolled over and touched her, hoping to score. With a slap and a shove I was left to self love, as skating too much has come ‘tween me and my dove…

How do you get eleven pipers to play in perfect unison? Shoot 10.

On the eleventh day before Christmas…I found a gadget that could serve as a  work-around for the lack of a heart-rate monitor in my new goggles. For the McGuyvers among us, a little chewing gum, Preparation H, sour cream and a paperclip will be all you need to integrate this heart rate monitor with your H.U.D. goggles.

The only problem is, my stats spike when I flick a boogie. That's why they have smoothing I guess.

This bling size ring provides pulse readings without an uncomfortable chest strap or rectal plug. The device simply slides on your index finger and displays an EKG accurate reading on its LCD with the touch of a button. The heart rate ring can be set to audibly alert you when your heart rate exceeds or falls below a preset optimal beats-per-minute target zone, informing you when to increase or decrease your pace. The device also calculates calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled. With stopwatch and clock functions. F’n’A!