Some of the best practices

Some of the best practices I’ve ever skated were the ones where I didn’t care about how fast I was going, how hard I was working, how far I was going, how technically correct my form was or how many calories I burned. In fact, despite being known as a sufferer of low grade narcissism, some of the best practices I’ve ever been a part of had nothing to do with me at all. They were about the people I was skating with.

Today was one of those days. Speedy Weezy and I geared up for a great skate on the San Francisquito Creek Trail. No time trials, no drills, no coaching, just skating. What a blast. We went out on the trail at the same time as our friends back in Colorado were in their practice. We were skating with them in spirit, and lovin’ every minute of it. We even wrote a joke…”Hey Speedy! Did you hear that new Hall & Oates song about constipation?” “No First Loser, what’s it called?” “No Can Poo!” I can’t go, I can’t go! I can’t go, no, no, no…

Thanks, Bud!

2 responses to “Some of the best practices

  1. We were thinking about you guys while we were doing our plyos! 🙂

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