If I were 20 years younger…

If I were 20 years younger, I’d have been in Federal Way, Washington this past weekend to try out for the 2012 season for National Speedskating Circuit. It’s the biggest thing in inline here in the US, and I’d say probably the biggest inline “show” in the world. Yes, they sponsor this blog, but it’s because I was a fan of what they were doing, not the other way around. You don’t seriously think they actually READ this, do you? That’s why I can get away with stuff like this…

That's right, I got mad skillz. I'm the only one going right at that freakin' cone. Yeah baby.

Watching the NSC coverage this weekend at www.DailyHouse.com, I was struck by the ill-conceived idea that if they let old, fat guys in, I could have tried out. 100m in the Grand Master Fatazz division. But seriously, I could have made a respectable showing for myself at these trials. You just wouldn’t want to see me in a skinsuit right now. And granted, I wouldn’t have made the final cut, but I’ve hit times that wouldn’t have made me…last loser.

Anyway – check out this video. Helmet cam from Jake Powers in the 1,500m from this past weekend…

If you don’t find yourself leaning to the left when it’s over, you just don’t understand…

2 responses to “If I were 20 years younger…

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