Banannas for St. Patty’s Day

This NSC season has been insane so far. Even Charlie Sheen was rumored to have said, “Damn, that’s crazy,” when he and the goddesses hit up the live feed for East Coast Carnage last month. TMZ is reporting that NSC is what drove Charlie off the deep end…the timing seems to confirm this.

Before and after East Coast Carnage...coincidence? I think not.

That event was killer…it took the show live to the masses, and from what I hear from those that were there, the racing was fast, the presentation was professional and the event…it FELT huge. That’s great for the sport, and the guys at National Speedskating Circuit deserve our support.

This coming week, NSC returns home to the West Coast for Thursday Night Throwdown. Indoor inline speedskating superstars William Bowen, Michael Cheek, Chad Horne, Harry Vogel, Stephen Carter, Justin Stelly, Jarret Paul, Jeremy Anderson, and many more will be lighting up the West Coast with untamed tiger’s blood.

And like any good sports media event, the plot is getting thicker…check it out – there really is going to be a throwdown going into this next event…

Bowen is a bad azz...and Horne is looking to grab the spotlight.

It seems like the chip on Chad Horne’s shoulder has done nothing but grow since last season. With Mantia pulling out, Horne has yet to find that satisfaction that guys at that level need to feel whole. So now he’s targeting Will “The Wild Thing” Bowen, and Bowen has been bringing it since getting back from Worlds…he’s currently ranked number 1 in NSC – Grand Champion, Top Sprinter and the 100M Fastest Man.

A clone war would be sick.

So you’ve got to admire the fire running through Horne’s veins…he’s always going after the big game. Bowen hasn’t lost a single race the entire season, and according to inside sources, he’s even been claiming to be unbeatable. WINNING! Horne’s been sitting on the sidelines watching all of this while recovering from an ankle injury, and he’s chomping at the bit. Those close to him are saying he’s getting downright unruly like a schoolyard bully, ready to stomp on Bowen’s feelings and snatch the title right from his hands.

Bowen’s stellar performance this season has been driving Horne nuts. It’s ugly…psychologically, the man is cracking. You’d be too, being sidelined and helpless in the face of Bowen’s reign of terror. With each one of Bowen’s victories, sources say Horne becomes more and more eager, more
frustrated, and more motivated. They call this guy “The Unibomber” for a reason, and with his return this Thursday night, his fuse is set to blow.

It’s Turn and Burn Time Baby…

You can view the live feed FREE by clicking the banner Thursday night starting at 9:45 EST, 6:45 PST.

They better be careful, I’m thinking about coming out there myself and showing them all Whut Fer…

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