If you haven’t seen this video yet, check it out. S.Dot.Carter is my hero…

Man, there’s so much going on in this video, and the commentary at the end really helps put what NSC is all about into context. Seriously, this video is far superior to any of those, well, not too convincing, dry FIRS videos they make every few years to get inline speed skating sold into the Olympics. The guys at NSC know what they need to do to sell their vision in today’s media environment. This is great stuff.

Spread the word – share this video with your friends who still call you a “Rollerskater” and snicker behind your back at your spandex-clad keister and the idea that you spend hours participating in a sport that involves little more than chasing other grown-ups around a roller rink with what amounts to a child’s toy strapped to your feet. As if.

To all the naysayers…come out and play.

2 responses to “Carnage

  1. As a mother of your average young speed skater, it pisses me off to see a girl in her underwear holding the lap counter. Take that out and I’m fine with it. Otherwise I’m thinking inline is for [girl] watchers and if I wanted my son to turn out like that I’d push him into NASCAR. But hey, maybe that’s where the money is for NSC, but for me it’s just [not necessary]. This reply has been edited.

    • Wow – if I didn’t have that “Blog with Integrity” badge on my site I’d totally delete your comment. However, you have a right to your opinion. I respect that as I’m sure NSC would.

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