I know you

This time of year, Colorado mornings are a mixed bag. It can either be crisp and calm or friggin’ cold and blustery. Today, it was the latter, and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to skate. Were it not for the pizza and pepperoni balls, popcorn, zillion ounce lemonade and bag of chewy Spree I ate last night with the kids for our movie night out, I’d have bagged the skate for sure. I got on the scale…hey, not so bad. I could still get away with not skating and not feel like I’d set myself back on my weight goal. Cool, I think I’ll bag it for today, call it a rest day…

That’s not me. I’m never happy cheating myself out of an opportunity for a good workout on wheels. As I made breakfast for the kids, I looked to the sky in the east and ratified my decision to bag it. It was cloudy, the sun was struggling to get the smallest ray through. I was starting to contemplate an hour on the slideboard. I went to get my workout clothes and saw that to the west the sky was the exact opposite – crystal blue and sunny. It was still windy and cold, but at least the sun was out. So I overruled my decision and decided I’d just do it, I’d get the morning skate in.

As I was in the garage gearing up I was acutely aware of the wind outside. It was so strong it was flexing the garage door, and so loud I could hear the howling and whistling over the sounds of The White Album [2009 Remasters – KICK BUTT!] pumping through my noise-canceling Skull Candy Ear Buds. Then I went to put my Garmin outside so it could power up and find a satellite signal. Stepping out into the gusty cold, I heard the sounds of the itty bitty committee in my head being reconvened to begin deliberations again. Maybe the slideboard is the way to go after all. Then HorseyPants appeared…

Someday I'll race them...HorseyPants & Odie.

“You’re going to skate in this?” she asked. “I’m not sure. I’m going to give it a try. We’ll see.” I responded sheepishly. “I know you, you’ll get out there and you’ll just do it,” she replied. “Have a good skate!”

I was standing there thinking about what she’d said. She’s right. That’s who I am. “Just Do It” is a way of life. I’m pretty self-motivated, but some days I need help. And today, HorseyPants did more for me than she knows. She supported me by being there at just the right moment, with just the right words and just the right look in her eyes. She knows me, she loves me, and I love her. I’m a fortunate guy.

The skate was hell – 13.75 miles into some of the worst headwinds I’ve skated in this winter. But it was worth it. Every bloody minute of it. This is what I know. This is my passion. Roll to live, live to roll. Thanks HorseyPants. I love you.

3/23/10 Training: Skating with the Rink Rabbits. Speed Demon is having problems with the carbon fiber in her boot pressing against her ankle bone. This just started happening since we changed up her technique a little, trying to get her out of pronating when she sets up a turn. She pushed through the pain like a trooper, but she’s not happy about it. It’s taking away from her ability to hit top speeds. Welcome to the game, kid!

3/24/10 Training: Snowed yesterday afternoon, so it’s and elliptical day. 1 hour, 6.42 miles, level 7.

3/25/10 Training: Didn’t feel like dealing with run off on the trail so did the elliptical again. 1 hour, 6.5 miles, level 7.

3/26/10 Training: Got 12 miles in before the rain came. It was perfect out there. Worked on long, low strides. Almost got clipped by a iPod wearing MMJ patient who spun like a whirling dervish when I was passing. Chong was more concerned with groovy vibes and being 9 with the universe than with what was coming down the trail yelling “ON YOUR LEFT!!!” Damned hippies.

3/27/10 Training: 13.75 miles in the hood. The wind was brutal, the burn exquisite.

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