Spring has sprung

3/11/10 Training: 12 windy miles at lunch. Brutality in the 110’s but worth it.

3/12/10 Training: Another 12 outdoor miles at lunch. My clothes need to be washed, this is getting bad. The truck stinks like skates and sweat. This is a family vehicle. I’m gonna hear about this later!

3/13/10 Training: Indoor with the Rink Rabbits. Speed Demon goes from 18.1 to a 14.6 100m rolling-start lap. It was “The Moment” when it all comes together. She’s now officially nuts about speed skating! Dad couldn’t be more proud!

3/14/10 Training: Got my butt kicked at practice today. Tried to be smart and take an energy booster before practice but ended up peaking during plyos and bonking during burn pace fight for 2nd.

3/15/10 Training: 12 miles on the trail at lunch. Took it easy due to yesterday’s butt-kicking. Still pulled a good pace. Once I get out there, I have a hard time holding back.

3/16/10 Training: Rinky-Dinky-Do with the Rabbits! Fun practice – music, racing and madness. It’s all good!

3/17/10 Training: First sunrise skate of the season – 15.5 miles in the hood. Another 12 at lunch. This is why I do this. I love being outside on wheels!

3/18/10 Training: 15 outdoor miles at in the morning, cooler and windier than I’d have liked. The hills were a wee bit harder today. Spent a lot of time alternating one-leg glide pushing.

3/19/10 Training: !@#$% SNOW!

3/20/10 Training: Light practice with Speedy Weezy & Speed Demon, just working our pacelines and passing. Took a spill and knocked my elbow and frames out of whack. Always go down when I’m going too slow and not paying attention in cross-overs. Beware – skates bite!

3/21/10 Training: Tough practice again. Got some new wheels (Atom Whip BURN) and found the floor to be a lot more slippery than usual. Whimped out when it came my turn in burn pace because I didn’t want to slip and fall again. I HATE feeling like I whimped it.

3/22/10 Training: Ate that Loveland trail again for lunch. 12 miles in perfect weather. Best time so far this season, maintaining a solid pace finishing my normal workout 4 minutes faster than I’ve been averaging, and feeling great.


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