Casting party

Have you ever stepped in warm dog poo barefoot? I’ve actually done it; will never forget it. We were frolicking in the yard, running under the sprinkler, and I hit the jackpot – WHAM! Landed flat on my back, the warm ooze still soft between my toes and slick down through my heel. Ah the glory days of youth! So while I’ve never been cast for custom boots, I at least know what it feels like. Or so I’m told… 

"Damnnnn, Diddy!"

The Speed Weasels, the outdoor team I roll with, had a custom-boot casting party a few weeks ago. Glenn Koshi, the master caster himself, made the trip out here to Northern Colorado to coat the feet of the weasels in gooey socks, casting their peds for cushy new pairs of custom Bont Vaypors! 

Titanium T.'s fetish collection.

I was the odd man out, not being cast ’cause I’m “broke as a joke, G!” Well, not really, but I just didn’t have the heart to tell Glenn I’m not a big believer in custom boots. If I had foot problems maybe, but I’ve actually done OK making out-of- the-box skates work really well – particularly with the help of his invention, the EZee Fits

We're really very sensitive when one is vulnerable. This could have been worse.

For those who skate custom Bont, Glenn Koshi is an ICON. The man has been casting boots longer than the lifespan of your average penguin (wiki that) and he’s been coaching even longer. A true gentlemen of the sport. His talents for shaping the casting sock, calling out the hot spots and making sure you get the perfect fit are known the world over. The Speed Weasels were honored to have him to ourselves for the weekend. 

Pretty much what you'd see in the locker room with these guys. Now you know.

I was struck by how light these Bonts are. Particularly with the magnesium frames. And I almost lost control when I saw Tony’s new black & silver set up. Sweet ride! 

In 8 to 10 weeks I'll be kicking myself for not getting a pair myself. These will be 3 point Vaypors 110's.

OK, so a minute earlier I was saying I don’t believe in customs. That doesn’t mean I’d NEVER get a pair. I’m just not ready yet. But I know as soon as these guys show up on the trail in their new skates, I’m going to be torqued at myself for not taking the plunge. 

"Damn John. A little warning would have been nice." "Sorry, it's my vegetarian diet."

Because Glenn is so good at what he does, I was tempted to have him cast me and hold the molds while I decided how I’d convince Horseypants that custom Bont’s make a great 40th birthday present. But as it turns out, Glenn will only guarantee a cast for a month, because he says feet are always changing. Hearing that I knew it’d take me longer than that to get the courage to tell Horseypants what that great 40th birthday present would cost, so I let the opportunity pass. Cheaper than a new Camaro yes, but not as useful for carting the kids to skating practice. 

If you’d like to have Glenn come cast for your team, it’s easy: get 5-7 of your teammates to commit and he’ll be on the next plane. He quick, efficient, and in the minds of these Speed Weasels – THE BEST! Contact him directly through the E-mail Us tab on Get there by clicking here

2/20/10 Training: Indoor practice with the Rink Rabbits in the morning. Lot’s of race focus this week – we’re going to Wichita on Friday! We’ve got a good-sized group going: Speedy Weazy & Mr. Finn’s first meet; “the fast siblings” making their season opener; “the fast kid” with something to prove after NC; the “shoulder roller” making her comeback. In the evening, did 1 hour on the slideboard. Feeling 98% recovered from the stomach flu. The slide felt good. The time off hasn’t hurt. I think it’s actually helped. Easier to stay in tight, tail-tucked position for most of the hour. 

2/21/10 Training: 2 hours indoors. We didn’t do any plyos this week so we could get the kids ready for Wichita. Being the night after Apolo’s exciting Bronze in the 1,000, we had a blast running the short track, trying to look like him. Worked on fighting through with our passes, good starts, front end strategy. The most fun I’ve had all year on wheels! 

2/22/10 Training: 1 hour on the elliptical, level 9, 6.1 miles.

2 responses to “Casting party

  1. pink bonts are on their way….you missed the last convincing of Glenn to tony that i would do best on 3 points.

  2. We’ll have to post follow up photos!

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