How cool is that?!

I never win anything. Really, you don’t call yourself First Loser because you brought home the gold, right? But this morning I got a really cool and unexpected email from Geert Plender at Cado Motus. I’ve been selected as one of five people world-wide to test drive their 2010 line of speed skates as a result of entering the contest in the last issue of their Pure Skating Bulletin. I’m stoked!

From Pure Skating Bulletin Jan 2010

I hope I get to drive one of the 110 models! More info to come in March. I can’t wait – like a kid waiting for Santa! More to follow…

But that said – how much do you know about Cado? I didn’t know that a lot of the folks that run the company have extensive histories on wheels and ice. So cool to see a successful skating company run by skaters, for skaters. I knew Cado from watching James & Chris Springer for the past few years, but I’ve not really known anything about the company behind the brand. Check out their website, it’s a great read.

1/17/10 Training: 2 hours indoor practice and my first attempt at active humility. Held with the coach and “the fast kid” for 125 laps. At 5 to go with the pace dropping into the 10’s I waved “the fast kid” around me so she could sprint it out with coach for the last five on her own. I have mixed feelings about it, which of course is fodder for a future post. Great session, skating strong, feeling good.

1/18/10 Training: 10 miles outdoors at Boyd Lake State Park. Almost bit it by slipping first on some goose poo, then into an ice chunk. That’ll get your heart rate up! Beautiful day for a skate though.

4 responses to “How cool is that?!

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  2. You’ve worked so hard…it’s a well-deserved bonus for all your effort. Plus you love skating so much, they couldn’t have found a better guy! ILU.

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