Every breath you take

Ever have a bruised rib? It hurts. I mean, cry like a baby wearing a soggy diapy, who’s hungry and has a stray hair wrapped tightly around his pecker kinda cry.

No skating for 2 weeks?!?! WAAAHHHHH

I fell at indoor practice a couple of Sundays ago. At the time it didn’t seem that bad and I was skating again by Tuesday. I was actually feeling a lot better later in the week. My knee and shoulder were healing well, and the pain in my side was decreasing.

Didn’t skate again till Friday, and even then I just did an easy 8 miles with Speedy Weazy & some of the other Speed Weasels. Didn’t push it – wouldn’t by prudent. Not gonna do it. My rib was getting better. I was able to take deeper breaths without too much discomfort and the skating was smooth.

Went to indoor practice on Saturday morning and was able to hit near top speed. Didn’t want to over do it though, because it still hurt as soon as I started breathing heavy. But I felt OK after and didn’t push it too far. Still, I was sore so I asked the coach and some other guys what I should do for it. They all said the same thing – tape it and drink heavily for the next few days…

Ho! Ho! Ho! Drinkin' & Rinkin' don't mix.

What did me in was getting down the Christmas decorations Saturday afternoon, then putting up the lights outside. The artificial tree and boxes of decorations were all stored overhead on the high shelf in our garage, and the box with the tree is oddly shaped and flippin’ heavy. Actually, a lot heavier when you’re favoring your weak left on a ladder. Big mistake taking that down by myself. I immediately knew I’d blundered when I found myself scrambling down the ladder with this massive box hoping to get to the ground before it did – didn’t want anyone to see this…I’d reinjured myself and dropped the Christmas tree.

I’ve been wincing ever since. Every breath, every twist, every lift of the right arm, every cough (oh my God, kill me now!!!) and forget about rolling over in bed. Pain baby, pure pain. Lord – imagine if I’d broken something. I’m such a wuss…

HorseyPants had had enough of the man-baby schtick by Sunday morning. She went online and dispelled the coaches advice in 2 clicks. Turns out, taping a rib isn’t recommended anymore. It can shrink your lungs and promote shallow breathing. Doing so would hurt recovery in the long run and undo all I’ve done to actually increase the depth of the breaths I take while skating long distances. And the prescription calls for ibuprofen & ice. Oh, and rest – no excercise.

With that, it was straight to the couch for an ice pack and some quality time with Sherlock Holmes (my daughter made a comfy spot for me with a blanket, pillow and book.) Sunday was to be a no-skate day. So with all of my new-found free-time, the kids and I got creative and made some custom boots…

Custom Luiginos - Mini Challenge, Victory & Attitude. (click image to enlarge)

Both of my kids and I skate Luigino indoor (Rollerblade outdoor.) Luigino makes a great skate – and they’re very stylish. You don’t realize exactly how stylish until you try to paint them in miniature. Trust me, they pay attention to detail! I’m going to get the custom Luigino/Rollerblade next year…I think.

Rollerblade / Luigino 2009 Racemachine LE

My bud Titanium Tone is going to let me try out a set of Pilot frames sometime soon, and I bet they’d look and feel great together. Anyway, it’ll be easier to paint in miniature.

Ibuprofen & ice. Every morning, noon, evening and night. And no excercise. Which is killing me. That weight always finds a way to get back on. But my side is starting to feel a lot better thanks to HorseyPants. She’s my hero. That said, I absolutely hate seeing the weight creeping up every morning. I need to so something tomorrow. ANYTHING to get the heart rate up for an hour.

Maybe the elliptical – just a little…

11/27/09 Training: Light 8 miles on the bike path with Speedy Weazy, John, Titanium Tone & Skram. The guys took it easy on us, what with my broke-ass rib and Speedy Weazy just getting back into outdoors. Great skate, beautiful afternoon.

11/28/09 Training: Took it easy at indoor practice and the rest is what it is…

11/29/09 Day Off…11/30/09 Day Off…


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  1. “There can be distractions, but if you’re isolated from the heart of the Games, the Olympics become just another competition.” Mary Lou Retton (olympic love…)

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