Skating in the digital age

Note to self: distractions during drills are dangerous. Even when they’re as benign as a stopwatch. Yesterday at practice, I went down harder than those nasty rumors about Lady GaGa’s true gender identity because I was looking at a stopwatch. Brilliant. I’m glad I didn’t have my iPod strapped to my arm or it would be toast – particularly since I didn’t buy that extended warranty…

She took "skin-suit" a little too literally.

As I was logging on this morning, I ran across a new-to-me blog with a freaking hilarious post on this digital age we live in. This combined with the  USARS ban on electronic devices got me to think about how digital my skating has become:

GPS – Garmin Forerunner: I’m always tracking my skate stats, everything from heart rate, pace, distance and total time to all of the cool stuff I can do with it on-line at It’s a part of nearly every training skate outdoors.

 iPod: A must for getting into the speed zone. I don’t think I could have done the big solo-skate without it.

LCD Helmet Light: Yes, I’m a dork. I don’t use it everyday, but it comes in handy when I’m too anxious to wait for first light in the winter months and I want to start rolling before the sun comes up.

Cell-Phone: I never skate without it. When you’re rolling long distance, you never know when you’ll need it. But be warned, you’ll want take it off your elastic waistband before using a Porto-San in your local park.

T-Mobile wouldn't take my phone back after the "incident."

Combine all of the on-board electronics with the web – this blog, other blogs, message boards, Facebook, Twitter and and I’d say I’m wired to roll. I’ve got navigation, sound, lights, communications, web-integration and socialization. All I need is a pine-tree air freshener for my skatebag and I’m all set.

11/21/09 Training: Did an hour on the elliptical before heading to the rink for Saturday Morning Speed Club. Wasn’t happy to be tipping the scale with what I’d say is an acceptable post-holiday weight a week BEFORE Thanksgiving. Did 6.6 miles on the elliptical, level 7; 50 laps and left/right drills at the rink. My buddy John came out to Saturday morning indoor. Always good to see and skate with him.

11/22/09 Training: 2 hours indoors. Not the greatest session. Cussed out a twelve year old for throwing a pass during a drill (apologized to her AND her father) and took a spill in the last 30 seconds of practice banging up my brow, jaw, shoulder, elbow, hip, a rib or two and knee. Freaking Brilliant.


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