Thunderbird Rising

A few weeks ago I wrote about Jeff, our LA Thunderbird. After 30 years he’s getting back into skating, but away from Rollerderby and quads and into inline speed skating and blades. Which makes me feel more comfortable skating with him, cause the first time he came at me low and fast I had visions of Rollerball and quickly made a line for the bench!

Rollerderby ain't what it used to be...

What a movie! Blood & Blades on the Rink Floor! With outfits that actually made Rebecca Romijn-Stamos look like a Russian transvestite, LL Cool Jay look like MC Hammer, and Chris Kline look like – um, Charlie Sheen?

Anyway, to help speed his transition we outfitted him with a pair of Rollerblades – rec boots with the hybrid frames that expand. Well, that lasted all of 1 practice. Last night he tried out his first pair of inline speedskates for an hour. Looks like he’s a natural. He’s complaining about all of the right things – right foot wants to dominate, shins are getting tight, quads are burning, left foot doesn’t want to lead on it’s own. All signs that he’s hitting all of the right foundational points.

I can’t wait to see how long it takes till “it happens” – that day when he feels like he’s getting somewhere. The day he says something like “I’m getting the hang of this.” My bet is it won’t be two months before he’s hanging in the pace line on 5 lap drop backs for 100 laps.

11/16/09 Training: Indoor practice. 2 hours of torture. The 100 lap warm up was kept at a brisk pace, which was excellent. However, I made the unfortunate mistake of ramping it up with my 5 laps at 10 to go, not realizing that my former Olympian coach was the one behind me to take the last pull. I dropped at 1 lap to go. The pack pulled away and I lost step. Amazing. 1 mis-stride is all it takes to fall off the train. We also did the tough plyo set, lap the pack and some relays at the end. Great practice.

11/17/09 Training:  Day off sucka!!!

11/18/09 Training: Tuesday night practice, 100 laps and light laps talking to Jeff about his stride and going over some foundation building drills. This guys is going to be fast…


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