You’ve heard the old joke…

When I see pictures of male inline skaters, like this one of me from my recent trip to Florida, I cringe.

Skating in FL

The hardest part of inline skating is telling your family you're gay.

Let’s face it – it’s not a “tough” looking sport. And the buffer you are, the more you look like the “lost” 7th Village People person.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I guess…

Anyway, the best chance we have of looking cool is a good action shot. But it’s really hard to be prepared for those cameras. But when they do catch you, and you’re in good form, it can make all the training worth it. At least it does for me. But man, we’ve all seen or been the subject of some pretty tragic action skating shots. It’s comical. I’d love to start collecting embarrassing skate shots. That would be fun.

11/10/09 Training: At lunch I did a full, extended plyo set; Evening went to the rink for 100 laps.

11/9/09 Training: Day off

Send your bad action shots to:! And when I see you in Duluth, maybe we can do the hand motions to YMCA together in a pace line!


4 responses to “You’ve heard the old joke…

  1. this is your best post by far. i can’t even tell you how hard i laughed….with you.

  2. I think you look hot. Love you xoxo.

  3. So funny! I sent the link to a few friends! You are a good skater already, have you thought about becoming an instructor. We need more people to teach. It’s my hope that with more instructors we can “build” more skaters. Yes, I run the company and in theory it’s a profit, but I can tell you this, if it is, I’m making a nickle per hour. Anyway, check us out if your clan need more skaters, if you are interested If you want to read about skating:

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