10/24/09 – Training

Morning: Did 150 laps indoor at Rollerland with Team Puz. My kids and I are Team Puz. We have our own chant – AhYay, AhYo, AhYay, AhYo, Patzo, Patzo, Patzo, Puz, Puz, Puz! If you’ve skated with me in Duluth, chances are you’ve heard me uttering this to myself. No, not speaking in tongues, just kicking it into high-gear Puz style! Our friends David, Pauline & Ethan were also there with a new little girl whose just taking up skating.

We had a new guy show up at practice this morning, his name is Jeff. He’s in his 50’s. When we pulled up to the rink, he was sitting in his truck smoking a cigarette. I thought he was there to work on the new soft-play playground they’re installing at the rink. He didn’t come in with the rest of the skaters that were there, so I was pretty sure I had him pegged properly.

As it turns out, he came strolling in and said, “Hi, I’m here to do the speed skating.” Well, I laughed, but quickly realized I was wrong. Turns out he had come earlier in the week and had been doing some laps on quad speed skates. Saw the sign for the Speed Club, and decided to come out for the excercise. Well, Jeff’s got a history. He was a quad speed skater back in the 70’s. Skated Nationals. Did a lot of training with the Los Angeles Thunderbirds. (Found a link talking about the history of Roller Derby with ref. to the Thunderbirds.) Apparently, quad speed skating and Roller Derby was “da bomb” back in the day.

So. we’re watching him go around the rink, and it’s very apparent he’s got a strong foundation. Nothing we can teach him, he just needs to spend some time back on skates. At the end of the practice, he rolls over and says, “I’m going to have to get me a pair of those Rollerblades if I want to keep up with you guys!” I hope he does, looks like a natural! You’d never be able to tell he hadn’t skated in 30 years!

Afternoon: Here’s how I spend the early evening, photo courtesy of my daughter.

Mucking the stalls at the barn.

Mucking the stalls at the barn.

That’s me helping my wife muck horse poop…so ends the day!

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