10/17/09 – Training

Morning: Skated 5 miles outdoors in my neighborhood this morning. The cold makes me feel like I just can’t get out of my own way. Really have to focus to hit top speed. Off to indoor practice, nice and warmed up.

Noon: Actually, all of this is before noon…100 laps and cornering practice at Rollerland, and a BONUS 15 miles outdoors on the trail between Lee Martinez Park & LaPorte here in Fort Collins. The city recently renovated the trail replacing the worst 1/2 mile stretch in the city with 8ft wide, beautiful red concrete! What a great morning. Perfect Fall Skate day in Colorado.

As a consequence, I smell rather bad. Worse than Greeley.

It’s evening now, and I actually smell worse. Thanks to a discussion with Mike Cofrin, and encouragement from my wife (and Al Gore) I invested in a reel-mower a few years ago. A Brill. Top of the line. Stay fit, save gas and pollute less.

Brill Luxus

Brill Luxus

Most times I love it, but today isn’t one of those days. (Truly a love/hate relationship.) GREAT! If I missed a workout due to meetings. SUX if you’ve been skating all day. Anyway…Today was the day to take the lawn down for the winter. We’re talking putting green low. Now, granted, my little patches of grass would hardly qualify as a goatee let alone a lawn, but it’s grass that needs to be cut. Unfortunately, it’s long, flat blade grass, which ain’t exactly the easiest to cut with a self-sharpening rotary blade. (Should have researched that a little better before buying.)

Well, twelve passes later, I’m done. No shower after all that skating, and afternoon of @SpeedyWeezy’s soccer game. Not even the dog will sit near me. Time for a shower.


One response to “10/17/09 – Training

  1. I can confirm for all, the dog will not sit near you. Go shower please.

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